The Wedding

May 25th, 2019
Ceremony & Reception: 6PM
Skyline Lodge—Highland Forest

After Party
We plan to hang out at the Hampton Inn lobby afterwards.
McCarthy’s Irish Pub in Cazenovia after the wedding ends. This pub is a 15 minute walk or 3 minute drive from the Hampton Inn.

Wedding Shuttle - To Wedding

4:35 Depart Hampton Inn4:55 Arrive
5:25 Depart Hampton Inn5:45 Arrive
It's a beautiful location to walk around. We encourage you to take the first bus for more time.

Wedding Shuttle - From Wedding

9:45 Depart Skyline Lodge10:10 Arrive
10:35 Depart Skyline Lodge10:55 Arrive

The Accomadations

Multiple places
Hampton Inn & Suites Cazenovia
Other Cazenovia hotels

Evan and Emily


Evan loves to build things (like our kitchen table!), and go climbing and hiking. He is a site reliability engineer at Security Scorecard. Evan met Emily when he was working in State College after college. Evan proposed to Emily on a mountain in West Virginia after they decided they wanted to get married.


Emily loves to go hiking, backpacking, and birding. She is a postdoctoral scholar at University of New Hampshire who works on sexual and dating violence prevention. Emily met Evan went she was getting her PhD at Penn State. As she likes to say, "we met online, like any self-respecting millennials."